My purpose -

to help individuals and organisations thrive in their unique purpose so they can enjoy significant growth and impact

I am passionate about helping you thrive in your unique purpose and devise strategies so you and your team/loved ones can enjoy the process. 

For more than two and a half decades I have helped people and organisations pioneer change and experience growth.  I have worked with teams, executives, artists, boards, committees, philanthropists and world-changers to facilitate profound breakthrough and change. 


The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives and shape our world.  My integrative coaching approach draws from multiple disciplines. I draw from principles of leadership, management, integrative development, narrative coaching, neuroscience, theology, the arts. I draw from experience across the sectors, across the cultures.

I work with leaders in their season of success as well as through their season of grief.

If you could re-write your story - What story would you share with the world?

People I have worked with describe me in the following words:

  • Integrity & Consistency: what you see is what you get 

  • Embracing & Nurturing: a welcoming safe space for you to be yourself 

  • Courage & Strength: says and does what needs to be said and done 

  • Creativity & Excellence: resourcefulness that sees results 

  • Tenacity & Empowering in problem solving: sees problems as opportunities in disguise

  • Passion & Inspiration: her energy that creates the momentum for change

  • Vision & Strategy: the ability to see the bigger picture

About me...

Ever since I was a little girl...

...I have had the deep rooted passion to make the world a better place and help people live their unique purpose. 

Born & raised in Vienna, Austria I grew up in a family who loved God, helped people and valued the arts. I learnt that leadership means serving people and that with any privilege in life comes responsibility. I studied business, wrote my Master Thesis on Management of Expatriates in Canada, and my Doctorate on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Strategic role of Cross Sector Partnerships in Australia. My research, rolled out by the Chamber of Commerce, pioneered change around corporate citizenship and provided strategic directions to many corporates in Australia. 


As an executive and consultant to executives I honed my skills in strategy, leading organisational change and cross sector partnerships. For two years I worked alleviating poverty with UNDP in Africa, where I also designed and led a country wide cross sector campaign against Female Genital Mutilation.  

Other accomplishments include repositioning a membership organisation,  leading the turn around of large teams, raising substantive financial support through establishing significant partnerships for organisations such as The Salvation Army, Mission Australia, Opportunity International Australia.

As Chief Philanthropy Officer and Development Director I have worked with many of the leading philanthropists and change agents in the country and have been a passionate advocate for social justice.

As Writer and Actress I gained great understanding in what drives and motivates people to pursue their goals and what works against them.  As Theatre Director I have learnt to cast a vision, to unlock creative potential and direct a room of players and creatives towards a shared goal. As a writer, actress, director, and visual artist, I believe in the power of the arts to touch humanity at a deep level. 

I have known the blessings of success,  but have also gone through seasons of challenge, loss and grief, of transitions which have refined my character, search for meaning and faith, and have given me spiritual insights into the anatomy of pain and purpose and what it takes to  rise up, forgive, harness honest reflection for greater wisdom, vulnerability for greater resilience and strength.

It would be my privilege to work with you.