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How to find the coach that is right for you

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

You have felt stuck for a while and have decided to get coaching....congratulations...

There is only one problem - there is no clear market that can give you transparent overview for what is on offer... Finding the right coach can feel like finding a needle in a hay stack - but take courage - when you find the right one for you, you will know you did. It is as simple as that.

So what do you look for in a coach that is right for you? Here are 15 questions that will help you cut through the clutter:

1. Do they understand and specialise in the area you want to get ahead or excel in?

2. Like with any professional service business, first impressions count - does who they are and how they present (“their brand”) resonate with who you are?

3. Do they have the experience and qualifications that instil confidence in you that they are able to help you?

4. Does their personality and chemistry fit with yours, can they empathise and relate to your hopes and dreams?

5. Do they genuinely care and is their ultimate motive to see you thrive?

6. Do they see you as the unique individual you are who deserves a unique approach or do they want to sell you a one size fits all approach they are taking all their clients through?

7. Do you feel they are non-judgemental, safe, confidential, 100 percent trustworthy with everything you entrust to them?

8. Are they seasoned and act with maturity and reliability?

9. Can you see the return on your investment in the coaching they offer for your life?

10. Can they hold space for you to explore rather than talk too much. The best coaches are listeners and leave the spotlight on you even when they talk.

11. Every coach has a different level of energy and speed. Find one that matches the momentum you want to create. You want to end up on the same wave length.

12. Are they consistent in who they are (values) but agile, flexible and confident enough to change their approach each session depending on what you need to get ahead.

13. Are they intuitive, able to read between the lines and communicate with clarity?

14. How do you feel leaving the first discovery session? Do you feel known? Did they ask the right questions? Did they leave you with some gold nuggets you will remember, that propel you to taking action?

15. Do they have what it takes to get you from feeling stuck to free, from confused to certain, from overwhelmed to relaxed, from exhausted to beaming with energy - all by bringing out what’s inside of you?

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