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Are you in the best season of your life?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The other day I woke up wondering: how do you know when you are in the best season of your life?

Things are not perfect. I am not perfect. Circumstances are not perfect but I am in my forties and I truly value the season I am in.

  1. I have cut my teeth and don’t need to proof myself anymore

  2. My life doesn't need to be all about me anymore

  3. I like who I am and am ok with who I am not

  4. I can enjoy some of the fruit of the seeds I have planted over the years

  5. I can use my time, resources, influence to help others

  6. In my marriage I don’t need to be right all the time, but can do what’s right for each other

  7. As a parent I enjoy the company of my growing children as they slowly but surly grow taller than me in stature. As I realise that my ceiling is their platform, I am becoming a sounding board for their hopes and dreams.

  8. I love learning new things to become a better version of me and pass on more each day

Each season unfolds in the eyes of the beholder. I choose to believe that this is the best season of my life and I trust that by grace and intention tomorrow will be an even better season.

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