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Questions to make sense of your 2021

As the festive activities around Christmas are coming to an end everything seems to slow down around us. And hopefully also in us. The perfect time to rest, withdraw to some nurturing solitude and reflect on the year that has been. For many of us, myself included, it has been a big year and there are a lot of aspects to process and make sense of.

Yesterday after a nap in front of the Christmas tree, dog by my side equally relaxed, I took some time to journal on the year gone by.

Here are a set of questions that guided my reflections that might be helpful for your own review of 2021 as well. Some of the questions are inspired by Brendon Burchard ( some I added. One of the biggest gifts we can give to ourselves and others is time for reflection to gain perspective. How we frame what has happened in the world, in our life, in us; the meaning we assign to events and circumstances; the lessons we learn; the ownership we take for what has happened and has not happen - It all shapes our ability to navigate blessings and challenges with joy, resolve, resilience. It shapes our ability to create the change we want to see. As Viktor Frankl said "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." It is the ultimate human freedom to choose our attitude in any circumstance.

When we can be honest in our self-reflection, celebrate the wins, face the challenges, the fears, any unprocessed grief and find the good no matter what has been in 2021 then we can also be deliberate and intentional about needs to happen in 2022.

I invite you to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or a green smoothie as you ponder:


  • What are my favourite memories and moments of 2021?

  • Who are the people I have become closest to? ...I am most grateful to in 2021 (Do they know? Can I let them know?)... I have invested in and encouraged over the year?

  • What is the current state of my health, wellbeing? What begs for my attention and care? And what is the state of those around me? What are their needs?

  • What have been the biggest challenges I faced? What aspects added weight to the mental load?

  • What have been the most successful ways I decompressed this year?

  • What achievements/wins am I proud of?

  • What are the five biggest personal lessons I have learnt?

  • What are the five biggest professional lessons I have learnt?

  • What are the best books I have read? Who inspired my path?

  • What three things did I wish happened in 2021 that did not and what did I learn from them?

  • What three things didn’t I anticipate that happened and what did I learn from them?

  • When/where did I experience moments of awe/inspiration/hope or sense the presence of God in my life?

  • Who did I speak up for this year? ...Help this year? What wrong did I try to right this year? Where did my leadership matter the most?

  • What have I created, developed or contributed to add beauty to the world and others?

  • How do I choose to remember 2021 - what meaning do I assign to this year?

  • What is in my control that I can choose to leave behind to move ahead lighter? Is there anything or anyone I need to forgive? Any habit I choose to break? Any resentment or hurt I need to let go of?

  • What will rejuvenate me the most over these holidays? How can I end the year the most rested and re-energised possible? Who do I want to connect with?

  • What are my top 5 growth goals for next year?

If you are interested in executive coaching or life coaching to make 2022 your best year yet please get in touch for a complementary discovery session.

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