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What do you focus on?

Have you ever felt like the dreams for your life are calling you so loud and clear you can almost touch them and yet there is this wall ahead of you that seems daunting and somehow painfully insurmountable? I have. And every day I get to work with people who bravely face this tension that feels like their purpose is

"So close and yet so far"

The other day I walked along the tranquil beach of Balmoral in Sydney Australia, marvelling at the aqua ocean coloured waters, the sound of children playing in the sand, the sight of dogs sniffling, couples in love kissing, elderly reminiscing their lives, sea breeze in the air, you get the picture - when I noticed the well familiar Bather's Pavilion. Once a destination for people in the nineteen twenties to gather and bath in style in the fresh ocean waters, now transformed to an iconic restaurant overlooking the waters.

I love the grande look of the classy architecture - The style reminiscent of Art Nouveau in France, Jugendstil in Austria, the building exudes elegance and style. It was for simple changing rooms - but how extravagant in execution to adorn the natural beauty of the beach setting and entice Sydney siders into the waters.

And then I noticed the grey wall in front of the building. The broken parts have woven a pattern like a spider web across the wall almost as if it was a contrasting mystical mural. There was a structured pattern of brokenness.

Whatever we focus on receives our attention and our energy.

The building has been lovingly maintained in clean white. The wall has been subject to the law of decay and stands in dark shades of grey. Anything neglected will break down eventually. And sometimes the patterns of brokenness can be mesmerising in their own way.

It made me think that in life we often intuitively know our promised land. Our hopes, our dreams, our bigger purpose. So close - We can see and almost touch and feel it. We want to live in that land but somehow there is an invisible and sometimes very visible imposing grey wall that prevents us from reaching the lush dreams on the other side. We are well aware of the broken parts in our lives right in front of us, they are tangible and we are comforted by the familiar patterns that hold the wall - and maybe even ourselves - together. Could it be that we are more afraid of the promised land, more afraid of tearing down the wall that holds us back (and holds our lives together as we know it) than we are willing to admit? And so we stare at the patterns of familiarity and tell ourselves that the wall is actually not that ugly.

We keep the hope for a better tomorrow somewhere in the distance, but are mesmerised by the patters of brokenness we created in our lives up close. They are predictable and offer the safety of what is known.

What would happen if more and more people lifted their heads and said "I am all in - I am going for the promised land - I will live my purpose!"....?

What would happen if we chose BRAVE over fear? Just one small step towards living our purpose each day? If we tore down walls even at the risk of old patterns falling apart?

What will you focus on today? Your promised land is waiting...What does your next bold move look like?

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